Top Facilities & Services At The Best Hotels In Dubai In 2023
Top Facilities & Services-At-The-Best- Hotels-In-Dubai-In- 2023

Top Facilities & Services At The Best Hotels In Dubai In 2023

Top Facilities & Services At The Best Hotels In Dubai Marina

Top Facilities & Services-At-The-Best- Hotels-In-Dubai-In- 2023

You might have noticed that there are some common facilities and services at the best hotels in Dubai Marina. Moreover, depending on the star rating of a hotel, it provides different facilities and amenities.

You might have noticed that there are some common facilities and services at the best hotels in Dubai Marina. Moreover, depending on the star rating of a hotel, it provides different facilities and amenities.

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Facilities & Services

A hotel with a five-star rating is guaranteed to provide the best services. Similarly, as the rating decreases the variety and quality of services and amenities also decreases. Let’s take a look at the facilities and services different hotels provide.

1. Wellness Facilities

These facilities are mostly found in hotels that have a 3-star rating or above. These hotels offer well-equipped gyms and rejuvenating spas allowing the guests to relax and refresh their minds.

2. Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are an integral part of most hotels in Dubai Marina. With temperatures often rising to impressive heights, pools offer guests a respite from the heat. Even in a two-star hotel, you are likely to find pools among the amenities. 

However, the quality of the swimming pools of hotels will depend on the star rating. Five and four-star hotels offer pools with creative designs such as infinity edges or rooftop pools. 

Some hotels also offer poolside services. This could be refreshments like cocktails and fresh juices or even poolside dining.

3. Meeting Rooms

Since Dubai is a global hub for business tourism, hotels often provide a range of services for business travelers. These include amenities like well-equipped meeting rooms, conference facilities, and high-speed internet connectivity. 

4. Dining Options

The variety of dining options a hotel provides also depends upon the rating of the hotel. Higher ratings will ensure that you have on-site restaurants that serve a diverse array of international cuisines.

5. Concierge Services

As the star rating of your hotel increases the quality of the concierge services also increases. This service is different from the regular room service that you would receive at any hotel. Concierge service refers to the personalized services guests receive. Assistance granted in the form of ticket procurement, travel planning, transportation services, restaurant reservations, personal shopping, special occasion planning, and booking appointments are all examples of concierge services.

Royal Regency Suites

Royal Regency Suites provides its guests with a variety of services to ensure their comfort. Some of their hotel facilities are given below;

  • 24/7 Security

  • 24/7 Reception

  • Free On-Site Parking

  • Room Service

  • Left Luggage Facility

  • Bell Desk Service

  • Gym

  • Laundry Service

  • Swimming Pool

  • Housekeeping

  • High-Speed Wi-Fi

  • OKO Shisha Flavors

  • Electric Vehicle Charging

RRM Suites specializes in providing rooms for rent in Dubai Marina. With a focus on short-term rentals, RRM Suites offers a convenient and flexible accommodation solution in this vibrant area. Whether you’re looking for a temporary stay or a more extended visit, RRM Suites aims to provide comfortable and well-equipped rooms to meet your specific needs in the heart of Dubai Marina


1. Why do hotels offer room service?
Hotels offer room service for the convenience of the guests and thus enhance guest experience.

2. How do you call for room service in a hotel?
Look for a button labeled ‘Room Service’ on the telephone. If you cannot find it, look for a number labeled ‘Room Service’ in the hotel’s information booklet. Alternatively, you could call the reception for assistance.

3. What facilities should a hotel need?
Every hotel should have basic facilities like comfortable beds, bathroom amenities, climate control, safety and security, housekeeping services, Internet access, and parking facilities.

4. What amenities can I expect at a 5-star hotel in Dubai Marina?
5-star hotels in Dubai provide amenities like luxurious rooms, personalized service, concierge services, fitness centers, gourmet restaurants, boutiques, spas, and exclusive experiences for the guests.

5. What is turndown service? Do all hotels offer it?
Turndown service prepares a guest’s room so that it is ready to be slept in. The process includes adjusting the lights in the room and preparing the bed. While most upscale hotels offer this service, it is better to check with the hotel beforehand to ensure that the service is available.

6. How is a five-star given to a hotel?
Star ratings are given by rating organizations based on various criteria and standards. In Dubai, the classification is overseen by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM)

7. Can you order food in a hotel room?
Yes, most hotels offer in-room dining so that you can have the food delivered to your room.

8. Does room service ever steal from rooms?
Instances of theft are rare in the hotel industry as most hotels have strict protocols and security measures in place to prevent such incidents.

9. Is there an extra charge for hotel room service?
While the specific breakup might differ, all hotels do charge extra for room service. The charge might include service charges, delivery charges, and tips.

10. Is room service and food included in the hotel room price?
No, room service and food are normally not included in the hotel room price. This is because these are considered additional services.


  1. September 28, 2023

    Royal Regency Suites seems to offer a wide range of services to ensure guest comfort. The inclusion of 24/7 security, electric vehicle charging, and OKO Shisha Flavors shows their commitment to providing a convenient and enjoyable stay.

  2. September 28, 2023

    The mention of poolside dining at some hotels caught my attention. It sounds like a fantastic way to enjoy the warm Dubai weather while staying refreshed. This article provides valuable insights for planning a trip to Dubai.

  3. September 28, 2023

    I appreciate the breakdown of services based on star ratings. It helps travelers like me understand what to expect at different types of hotels. It’s also interesting to see how concierge services become more personalized as you move up the star ratings.

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